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Great concept, but…

The app is a memory hog, freezes frequently, then after creating verbal notes, there is no way to go back in to edit them at least not that was easy to find. Within 10 minutes of purchasing this app I already deleted it from my iPhone.


Does not work!!!!!! Freezes up !!!! Scam ... dont buy

Truly worth every penny!

I have been waiting for a app like this for a long time. When I saw there was an app like this I quickly bought it. I love all the options you get with this app. I recommend this for everyone that doesnt want to buy notebook after notebook. Although there is one bug. The saving icon never goes away and gets kind of annoying but with a update all should be well.

I like the idea

There are lots of nice features like the ability to record voice notes and put pictures in your notes. The problem I had was that it is difficult to use and to understand what all of the icons are.

awesome note taking app

this app is really cool and convenient. it gives you all of the ways to take notes in one simple and easy to use app, highly reccommended

Sound note

Disappointing. Handwritten notes are difficult to read and therere no instructions to show how to better use the app.

school just ended

I wish I had this for studying, it makes it so much easier!

I really like this app

This could be a great app because of the number of useful tools provided as an all-in-one package. Some things I never did figure out, for instance: If I add a picture and it "sets" before Ive finished adjusting the size how can I correct this? I had a file with text; pic; and audio pins and I emailed it to myself - everything came through except the audio - never could figure out how to email the audio. It wasnt until I came back to itunes to write this review that I discovered the support link on this page. If you charge me $2.99 to purchase this I expect you to provide a help link in the app. There is no "pause" on the record or play back. Not so annoying while in the "record" mode as much as in the playback mode. If you have 45 minutes of playback and you are about 20 minutes in; your phone rings; press "stop"; answer the phone; hang up the phone; press "play" and you are at the very beginning again with no way to FF - thats annoying. I really like this and it has great protential but I dont think its ready for the market.

Was looking for an app that would record WHILE I was taking notes.

You cant record and take notes at the same time. That said, all the other stuff does work. But for my purposes, I would like my money back.

Lots of frosting - no cake

Tons of backgrounds and colors, but not even a way to do a multi-page note. Terrible. Settings? Non-existent. "Back" icon to take you home is the same icon everyone else uses for Undo. There is no Undo. For half the price, Im sticking with Notability.


Voice record not working on my ipad2. Cant find any instructions. Does not seem to be very user friendly.

Cant do much

Cant really do much with it. Its impossible to write on with out using the keyboard. I was thoroughly disappointed and wish I hadnt wasted my money.

Poor! Wont work at all!

Waste of money! It deserves no stars!

Very bad

Crush every 1 min Dont waste money

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